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Stylists go to other stylists to help them when they think a change might be "in order." Why? Because it's really hard to be objective about ourselves.

No, if the color you're thinking about looks good against the other colors, then it will be a good color for you. Swatch wallets are useful to purchase clothing, accessories, and makeup, and they help you "see" the color in the store.

You talk about neutrals, universal colors, and challenge colors. It sounds a bit confusing, and each of these is covered fully on my blog.

I think of someone who wants me to buy a whole new wardrobe. Intentional Image starts with your existing wardrobe and creates the closet you want. We work within your budget, if necessary, to purchase clothing that you need. We know that style is so much more than fashion trends, and style is truly looking and feeling you are very best. Most professional men and women desire a polished look that transcends age. We work with you to understand what "ages" your look and what to add to keep your look fresh. You also learn how to use the power of color to create authority or cooperation with your outfit choices.

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Experienced Stylists

More than one client has started the first session with: "I've done all the research online, and I know my season," only to learn that they were wrong after our seasonal and color direction session. I could go on and on... Curious? Ask us a question and we will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.